Sunday, June 29, 2014

So Much To Catch Up On...

As invariably happens, life gets incredibly busy. It truly has been a whirlwind, and my family and I are just beginning to take a breath. YAY!

So, in March, my husband was extended a call to be the Bishop of our new ward, which was a ward created from 2 other wards being divided. As I'm sure happens, I began to really try to figure out what my role in this roller coaster was. And through much research and discussions with other wives who've found themselves in similar situations, I believe I have at last come to some semblance of what being a Bishop's wife means.

It does mean different things to different couples, different wards, different times, but all the same, after your own family and home are taken care of, and after your own calling has been fulfilled, sometimes there still are occasions that call for extra attention from none other than, "the Bishop's Wife." I do intend to continue to gather more information but here is my quickie info list, mostly for myself, to remind myself on a weekly basis what still can be done.

It is interesting reading other comments on other blog posts with regard to "the Bishop's Wife", because most everyone will say that "their" Bishop's Wife does "nothing", which I find sad that ward members really do not understand the countless hours that the Bishop's Wife sacrifices without him on their behalf, as if that is nothing.

Well, I could go on about that for a while, with it accomplishing absolutely nothing, so we will move on.

I have to admit at times feeling like he is so busy and I do not have enough to do. My own children are getting a little older, and I find that I am alone a lot. However, after making this list, I see how much I can do, and even this small list feels a tad overwhelming. The thing to remember is, these are ideas that a Bishop's Wife can do, but they are not things a Bishop's Wife must do. They are definitely extras.

In our ward, we have been blessed to have 4 convert baptisms in the last 3 months, and over the weekend, on a lovely drive back from Flagstaff, (where, I might add, it was a beautiful 87 degrees in the afternoon, & why do we live in the heat of over 100 degrees???) my husband and I suddenly came to the idea that we need an action list for the new converts to take and continue on their path of building their testimony and working towards attending the temple, etc. So, after studying "Preach My Gospel", we came up with this little sheet, and it will be handed out this next week!

My husband basically plans to go over the items in an interview, and give the person a copy to take home and continue using. Hopefully, this will help with easing the transition from baptism to a converted heart!

If your ward does not have a provident living specialist, that is basically a person who is a resource to teach ward members who need to learn how to make menus, budgets, shop within their means, etc. 
We do have a need for a person like that in our ward, so that is where that calling came from.

Blog posts to look forward to:  updates on the summer sewing fun class that is going very well, girls camp 2014, family trip to flagstaff, etc. I have gotten so behind! But at least life is not boring! 

Happy life to you!