Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Arise and Shine Forth

In our ward, we are coming up on New Beginnings for the year, and are debating on what little something we can give the girls to remind them of the them. This is, of course, not a necessary thing. However, I do have so much extra supplies from projects that for the most part, something like the necklace above would really cost less than $1 per girl. This is just one example of something we might do. I actually really like it, but the down side to the copper is that it does need to be cleaned periodically to keep it shiny.


  1. Arizona Girl,
    I love your copper necklace. Just a few questions. Did you use leather tools to stamp? What gauge copper did you use and most importantly how is it cut?thanks so much.

  2. Thanks so much!! I did not use leather tools. I used stamping tools made for metal. They come in a variety of styles and qualities. I have seen some basic sets at Hobby Lobby recently. Otherwise they are available online. I purchased mine at The copper is also available at that site & I believe I used 20 gauge. They sell a saw or you can purchase blanks to stamp. Good luck!! So much fun!