Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Few Cuties!

I know I've talked about how we are doing a superhero theme this year in YW. And this clever woman, Marquette LaRee, created some amazing logos for a superhero theme she's done. We loved hers so much, and she had them available for download, so we took them and made buttons that the girls can earn throughout the year. Each month, if they complete a value experience or begin a project, they get the corresponding button for the month. 

The cool thing is that the girls can put them on their lanyards for girls camp. My lanyard is the one pictured above, from many past years at camp. The girls love them, and trade them with each other. They earn them for various certification items they complete. The nurse even has one she gives out to girls who are caught "drinking water"! :) The buttons were my good friend, Britt's idea. She is so creative!

Here's a closer look at the buttons. I want to think of one the girls can earn from the Bishop. Gotta brainstorm!

Another thing that came in this week were these little beauties! I just love them. They are little post-it notes for girls to stick on their mirrors to remind themselves of the goal they are working on for their Personal Progress. So cute & helpful! (I got the idea here.) 

That's all for now!
Happy spring break!