Monday, January 19, 2015

White Board Calendar

In an attempt to get organized with the life of my busy husband and children, as well as myself, I suppose, we needed a new calendar. We had for years the hanging paper type, which always worked well, but last year I decided to try a digital online version. The calendar was cool, it updated everyone, and worked well, if you logged in and looked at it, which isn't my husband's strong suit. And the kids never did. So, back to the kind that is right in your face. I actually saw that my hubby wrote something on it the other day! Surprise, surprise! Maybe this one will work!

This is how I made this calendar.
1) I purchased the calendar white board from Target. I believe it was under $10. You could actually make your own with white board from your local hardware store, and either writing the calendar on with sharpie or using vinyl. I didn't feel like being that crafty, & I was afraid if I added one more step, I would go another year without a calendar. (Not good at all!)
2) For the frame, I purchased 2 plain 1" x 3" pine boards & 1 furring strip from my local hardware store.
3) I cut the 1" x 3" to fit, using my miter saw, and nailed them to the front of the calendar, after applying some clear liquid nails to the edge (just to give it some added bonding).
4) I then cut the furring and applied to the back all the way around the frame. This made the sides flush with the wall.
5) The only thing left to do was paint and hang it up. Really, it was that easy.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chalkboard Silhouette Job Charts/Message Boards

As moms, we all struggle with how to get the job/chore assignments done in an easy way that will teach our children how to work and keep them accountable for their responsibilities. I used to have a white board magnetic job chart, when the kids were a bit smaller, which really worked well. However, as they have grown, and we have one who is married now, and darn it, won't come back to do her chores... (hahaha), we had a real need to redo how the home responsibilities were assigned. Last year, for the entire year, I told myself that I really needed to get on it. And yet, as most of us know, life took over and it never got done. We struggled all year with arguments of who had what assignment, and comments like, "That's not my job!" So, I vowed that this year it was going to be different!

I had the idea near the end of last year that it would be cool to have silhouettes that were chalkboards and we could just write what we wanted each family member (notice I say family member, since I made one for me & the hubby) to do on them. So, this is how I made them.

1) I took side profiles of each family member still living at home on my phone. 
2) I printed the picture via AirPrint to my printer.
3) I enlarged each picture until it was the size I wanted.
4) I drew around each picture profile with sharpie to get the silhouette of each family member.
5) I traced each silhouette onto 1/4" plywood.
6) I cut each silhouette out with my trusty scroll saw. Love that thing!
7) I applied several layers of chalkboard paint (more layers makes it easier to write on).
8) I painted the background wood to my liking.
9) Using liquid nails clear, I glued the chalkboard silhouette onto the background wood.
10) After applying a hammer in hanger on the back, the silhouettes were hung up.

Yay! They are awesome. I love them, and I know they will get good use.