Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas with Shutterfly

So, this year for Christmas cards, I really wanted a candy cane Christmas look. You know, with pink, lime green, baby blue, red. (Well, what I really want is to redo all my christmas tree ornaments and make them into this look, but that is way too expensive!) Anyway, the place where I usually get my cards done didn't have anything I wanted to use, so I decided to try Shutterfly at instead. (I am not promoting them, nor do I have any affiliation with them.) I uploaded my photo, edited, etc. It took me several times, as their site was having a few problems. So, after typing my family's names in a few times, I submitted it, and paid for it.

An hour later, I was showing it to my son, who promptly noticed his name was missing from the card. (Oops!!) This is what he said, "Nice mom! You forgot about your son!" (This is the son who always says he is the favorite son!) So, I quickly emailed Shutterfly to have the change made. Basicallly, what they said was, sorry, we can't change it. You can refuse the order and then reorder. Not so hot customer service. I sent them a reply about how disappointed I was, etc. They did however, the next day credit me with the entire order and ask me to reorder. Much better customer service!!

Today I received these. These are the incorrect ones, and the new ones are supposed to be delivered tomorrow! YAY!! I still love them, even after all that drama!! Thanks Shutterfly!!

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