Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Mini Greenhouse

So, for my birthday this past December, I asked my amazing hubby if  we could build this little greenhouse that I saw on Pinterest. Shown above is the pic. I just love it & have been wanting it for about a year! Unfortunately, this particular one is made out of the country, and although it is made of metal, Derek assured me we could build something like it. YAY!

Literally, he built on a couple of Saturdays, and here is the building progression of it documented in a couple of pictures. He drew up his own measurements, and although along the way we encountered a few problems, it did turn out rather wonderful!

Here it is finished and ready for paint. 

You might notice that the doors seem to be a different color, and they are. I was trying a distressing technique but decided I didn't like it, so repainted the doors. The galvanized metal trays are awesome, and it took me quite a while to find something affordable that would work, but eventually I came upon a website that sells animal kennel trays or trays that go in the bottom of kennels. These were something like $30 each which was totally doable when compared to $200 ea that was what I could find on the hazmat websites I was originally looking at. I think these trays look rather marvelous. 

The glass was put in using clear epoxy. As we were putting in the last piece of glass, one of the long pointed side panels broke. It has taken a couple of weeks to get it back in as we kept forgetting to order it, but now that the glass is in, the interior is nice and warm. I intend to get an automatic vent opener for the top. This will automatically keep the top open when it gets too hot inside so the starts will not cook. Genius!

And here is the final product. I am going to have to move it to get a better location for sun, but otherwise, I really LOVE it! I like the drawer because I can keep extra soil in it and extra pots as well. I really am lucky that my hubby is handy. His dad taught him well. This was the best birthday present ever!

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  1. Where in Arizona do you live? I live in Scottsdale and would be willing to purchase a Mini Green House if your hubby wouldn't mind making another one... I love it!