Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Cold Outside!

So, finally the weather is turning a little cold. Yesterday morning, at around 5:30am I looked on my back porch, which is in the shade, and saw that the temperature was 38 degrees F. Pretty chilly for Arizona! Since that is getting down into almost freezing temperatures, and I do have some vegetables out in the garden that technically are not cold hardy, like peppers and cucumbers and zucchini and tomatoes, I put in hoops and cover the bed with a 4 mil plastic. This works well for me, as I have used it in the past with great success. It is just an effort to get it put out, and such. 

As you can see by the picture below, I do raise it during the day, as our temperatures are still in the high 60's and sometimes even the low 70's during the day. Such beautiful weather! Can't complain. Tomorrow we are due for a heavy winter storm, so tonite I need to batten down the hatches. 

Above are the small little pepper plants that are growing from seed. Hopefully they will make it through the winter, if I keep them covered!

A couple of days ago, I planted some sweet pea seeds that I had saved from 2 years ago, and after soaking them overnight, and planting them everywhere I could, I realized I just had too many! So, those became little gifts to a couple friends who haven't ever grown them before. I love sweet peas, as my grandma & mom planted them every year that I can remember. I used to take handfuls of the blooms wrapped in a wet paper towel and plastic wrap, to school and church to give to my teachers. I don't see anyone doing that anymore. Kind of sad. :(

The broccoli is almost ready to harvest! I can hardly wait as that is one of our favorite vegetables! Yesterday I was reading about how broccoli is one of those vegetables that we usually have to force ourselves to eat! I am not sure where the writer got their info from. What do you think?

I happened upon a blog when I was on pinterest that showed how the blogger made some edible Christmas garlands for her chickens. 

This is the post:

I decided that they looked pretty cute and thought I would make one for my little henny pennies! The writer of fresh-eggs-daily blog showed how she actually drilled little holes into her brussel sprouts to make them easier to thread. FYI, this is definately not necessary. I just used a long doll needle and some kitchen string. It was very easy to string a garland up in a manner of minutes. They loved the grapes, ate the apples over a couple of days, and the brussel sprouts are still there. Exactly how I feel about those little things too!

My little nephew, loves the chickens and would happily stand in the chicken coop all day throwing seed and dirt down for them! I usually have to bribe him with a trowel to dig with to get him out of the coop! Silly boy, all boy!!

I discovered the dreaded little white powdery mildew spots on my roses a couple of mornings ago. If you look closely, you can just see them in the picture above. I bought an organic spray that is supposed to rid the roses from this disease, and have sprayed them. I have noticed a little difference, but it is not gone yet. I suspect I will need to keep spraying til it's gone, as it's spreading to the other roses as well. Not good. I have read that once you get it, it spreads rapidly. 

Last month's pinterest club we did these lovely little signs you see in the picture below. They were so easy to do, as the were stencils cut from plastic report covers with the silhouette cameo. That machine is so easy to use. I just love it. The signs are so cute and I hope to get the time to make a few more of the "Merry Little Christmas" ones to give to my neighbors!

Happy gardening and crafting!

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