Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 YW Girls Camp - "Rock Solid"

We have already had our girls camp this year. We went to Camp LoMia for the first time as a stake and the only week they had available was during Spring Break. There was a lot of questions of how the weather would be as we had a surprise snow storm the week before we were to leave!?! 

As you can see from the above picture, it really was beautiful weather, but a lot chilly & windy at night. These were our girls, minus 4th years, and 1st year YCL's. 

This is me and one of the YW counselors on the 1st year hike, which was really just a little walk. It was so pretty up there, with the river running. I am told the river is dry in the summer, though. We have on our stake tshirts. Love them. The theme was "Rock Solid" meaning, our testimony is on the fundamentals of the gospel and solid as a rock.

Such cute little first years! We call them "baby 'b's"!

And as you can see, there truly was snow still on the ground. One of the wards had a snowman they had built right by their cabin! Funny.

This is our ward tshirt that we had done for the girls. Our ward theme that we did based on the Stake theme, was "Anchored to the Rock" meaning our testimony is anchored to the Rock of our Salvation, our Savior. We did a little skit the first night there for our own girls, during our ward time, of us hiking and rock climbing. We made a kind of parody of how if we don't put the anchors in to the rock solidly, we can fall. We also talked a lot about how our faith in Jesus Christ is our anchor when the storms of life come upon us. Our faith is what will get us through. 

We made all the girls these fat quarter backpacks. They truly are simple to make and handy to use on the hikes, and carry everything to the different activities and classes all day. And it makes it easy to tell which girls belong to which ward. The link to the free pattern is here

We also made all the girls little journals with room for them to take notes, and journal prompts as well as quotes relating to the theme. As you can see, our assigned colors were navy & green. Our flag was just like the anchor pictured here, and we printed out the words with the banner, onto fabric and glued it on to the flag.  I wish I had a picture, but I just forgot about it!

These were our mailboxes. We saved cans for a few months, (FREE) & spray painted them ($6) and screwed them into some old wood I had laying around (FREE). Usually we use shoe organizers and put tags on each shoe pocket. Depending on the amount of girls we have, it costs anywhere from $20 to $30. So doing this, we saved some money, even though it was a bit more effort. One of the advisors put some tags on with ribbon. They did turn out cute.

One more thing we did, was put names on these water bottles that we found at the dollar store. The names were cut out of vinyl on the Silhouette. It was kind of time consuming to put all the names on, but we had 42 girls we were prepping for. Not all wards are that big. 

All in all, we are all super glad Girls Camp is over. However, it was awesome!!!

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