Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Projects

Our youngest son really wanted his room updated to an older style. Since we moved in and decorated it when he was 4, the decor didn't really reflect an almost 13 year old boy's look. So, in the middle of June, which wasn't probably very smart, considering the hot temperatures, we began to take his room apart. This consisted of removing the old sports border (FUN), and repainting. We liked the look of old boards, so we purchased some pickets at our local hardware store, and began the long process of sanding and staining them. I calculated out that we would need about 40 boards for the one wall, and so we began with 10 to make it seem doable for Rylan (& for me, in the heat). I didn't realize how a 12 year old probably doesn't even know how to turn the sander on, so after we did some basic shop instruction, the boy did a great job sanding all the boards and then staining them. (His older brother also got some instruction and ended up helping as well, but he is not pictured here.)

We chose about 5 colors of stain, and below is how it started to look after the first day. The smell of stain was strong, but we loved it!!

Rylan wanted a more modern looking bed, and as he had a queen size, it did take up a lot of the room. We listed his bed on Craig's list to see what would happen. Sure enough, it sold. We kept his nightstand and I took one day to refinish that, although I don't have a picture of it on hand. We also refinished the desk, and that was done in a hurry, so I can't say it looks fabulous, but I can say it's done. Sometimes that is all that matters!! 

We purchased a new bed that was a full in a platform style, and then I had the boys help me put it together. 

From beginning to end, from removing the border and purchasing a new bed, the entire project took us about 3 weeks. I have to say, it was definitely worth it! Rylan loves it, and so do I. 

In a few days we will be visiting my sister, who has a little munchkin boy & a busy girlie. We are taking a little something for each of them, and so today my helpful hubby assisted me in making this little stacker. I love how it turned out! It is made from (bottom to top), ash, cherry, walnut, & teak woods, all hand finished with organic jojoba oil. It was a very easy project, taking about an hour from start to finish, & I know my sister will love it, too.

The garden is growing away, without much attention from me, since it is hot as you know what out there. However, this is a picture of the biggest tomato we have gotten off, yet! A whopper of a tomato, if you ask me, at 1 pound, 23 ounces! These yellow tomatoes are very tasty, and I find them a little less acidic that some of the other varieties. 

Happy gardening, & keep cool!

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