Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Expensive RV Trip to the Lake, New Potatoes, and a Painting of My Dog!

This past week was a busy one, mostly because we planned a trip to Canyon Lake, which is just 45 minutes away from our house, with 2 other families. When we planned it, I just didn't really think that it could be Mother's Day weekend! Although, it didn't end up mattering much, as we did have a really fun time. The other 2 families both own RV's that they use basically every month. 

Once upon a time, about 8 years ago, we did own a very ghetto RV. I'm not sure if I can find the pic of it, but it was a 1987, over the cab type, and not in terrific shape. Every time we took it out, we ended up dumping about $1000 into it. The very last time we used it, the brakes seized up and we had to have it towed. Derek was so frustrated with it, he offered the tow truck driver it for $100. Even the tow truck driver turned him down. We ended up donating it. It was a piece of junk! If you've watched Duck Dynasty at all, there's an episode where they put a junk trailer up in the air to turn it into a duck blind. This was just that junky, but it was an RV, not a trailer! 

So, Derek rented an RV, since we will probably never own one again. I am not sad about it, as we would really struggle to find the time to use it enough to make it worth the expense and trouble. The RV he rented was very nice. The kids were super excited. We packed it up and took off a couple hours before everyone else, looking forward to arriving before everyone and getting out on the lake.

That's not what happened....  A few miles away from our house, an inner tire lost it's tread, and we ended up having to wait for a truck to come change the tire. Derek had declined to buy the tire insurance at an extra $45/day, so it cost us a piddly $800 to get the tire replaced. What a fabulous start to the weekend. I have to say, the mood was definitely not as excited as we finally arrived at our destination.

Be that as it may, we had an amazing time. I did manage to wakeboard for a few yards, but I was pretty tired and decided I just didn't feel like it. We plan to go back tonite, to buff out a scratch, so maybe I can go again. My soreness has about worn off by now. 

Mother's day was great. My Haylee finally finished my painting of Cooper!!! I have to say, she even captured his very bad haircut! I love the way it really looks so much like him. I just need to make it a frame! 

And last but not least, the garden is moving along. Below is a pic of the first baby red potatoes to be harvested. They were probably dug up a little early, but as I haven't really every harvested any before, I just needed to see if there was anything happening under there! And there was! I plan to use these up this week. They won't last long! 

I have them in a grow bag, purchased at Gardeners.com. They actually grow quite well in it. The site has wonderful instructions as to how to grow any kind of potatoes in it. It's great. I would recommend using a grow bag for sure. 

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