Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 BYU Women's Conference

This past weekend I attended BYU Women's Conference with my mom & daughters. This was Haylee's first year, so I was a little worried she wouldn't like it, or maybe be a little bored. I think, overall, we all had a fabulous time, and came home rejuvenated with our batteries recharged. 
It is a 2 day conference, packed with classes on various topics that you might be interested in. From everything like, "You Are Closer To Heaven Than You Suppose" to classes on nutrition. We spent way too much time in the bookstore, although my mom probably could have spent so much more time there! 

The weather was so amazing...BYU campus is special. There truly is an amazing feel when you step onto it, and it is kept up so beautifully. Above is us, right after the conference was over. 

On Saturday, we drove up to Midway, just to look around. This was at the lake just before you get to Midway. It is so, so beautiful. They had gotten a snow store a day before we arrived!

I think the main reason I go to women's conference every year, is because I feel the Holy Spirit so strongly in the classes that I attend. It makes me see that others go through life with issues that strengthen their testimony of Jesus Christ, and it strengthens mine too. It seems like I always receive an answer to some little or big thing I am struggling with inside. I know our Heavenly Father is real, and knows & loves each one of us. I always feel that so strongly when I attend these conferences.

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