Monday, January 14, 2013

Icicles & Cold Weather in Arizona

I'm not sure if you can see it well or not, but there are actually icicles on our fountain in the back yard. It was 25 degrees fahrenheit for the last couple of nights. That is unheard of here in Gilbert, AZ. However, even though I was a little worried about the chickens, of course, they were totally fine.

However, this was what the ficus tree across the street, in the neighbor's yard looked like Sunday morning (yesterday am). Apparently, someone at a nearby nursery told him that if he ran an oscillating sprinkler all night on his plants, the water would freeze and then the frozen water would not allow the tree to drop below 32 degrees fahrenheit. Not sure if that is correct info or not, but it sure made a memorable tree. As I was talking to the neighbor about his tree, some of the giant icicles you can see, on the bottom right of the tree, fell and crashed on the ground in a loud noise. I laughed all the way to church! So funny!

They (the weather people on TV) say it hasn't been this cold since 1988, & I believe it! Tonite it is supposed to reach freezing temperatures by 10:00pm. We actually had to break down and buy a blanket for my daughter's horse. It is just too cold. Tonite all the baby chicks and the silkie are locked in the enclosed section of the coop with a lamp on them in there. The rest are roosting up at the top of the coop, next to a heat lamp. They will all be fine. I think I might just not go anywhere tomorrow. Good thing we don't live in the midwest! (chuckle).

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